The UK government announced on 1st August 2023 its intention to continue to recognise the CE mark as valid for placing products on the GB market indefinitely. This announcement applies to the 18 product groups that fall under the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) including machinery, and supersedes the previous mandate that these product would need to carry a UKCA mark from 1st January 2025.

The announcement, and information about UKCA marking can be found here

This change does not affect products being placed on the market today, but will have implications for manufacturers selling into both the EU and GB markets in the long term. As both the UKCA and CE marks will be accepted in GB, there will be no obligation for manufacturers to undertake specific processes required for UKCA marking. As a result, for Annex IV machinery there will be no requirement to engage both a UK Approved Body and EU Notified Body as an EC Type Examination Certificate issued by the EU Body will be sufficient to apply the CE mark.

For Annex IV products manufactured exclusively for the UK market, engagement with a UK Approved Body and UKCA marking will continue to be a sensible route to compliance in many cases.

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