Management systems certification

Management systems certification

amtri veritas provides management system certification services to clients of all sizes and a wide range of business sectors. We accept both new applicants for certification and transfers from other certification bodies.

amtri veritas is UKAS accredited certification body no. 0042 providing assessment and certification services for management systems standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17100.

The certification process:

A client applies to amtri veritas for certification of their management system.

amtri veritas reviews the application and, if accepted, develops an audit programme for a full audit cycle and issues a quotation.

If the client accepts the quotation, amtri veritas performs a Stage 1 initial audit. Findings raised by the auditor must be resolved before Stage 2 can proceed.

amtri veritas performs a Stage 2 initial audit. Findings raised by the auditor must be resolved before certification can proceed.

The amtri veritas auditor makes a recommendation for certification and this is passed to the certification decision maker. If certification is approved, a certificate is issued for 3 years subject to the client continuing with the requirements of ISO 9001 and their contract with amtri veritas.

Surveillance visits will be made by amtri veritas at the intervals prescribed in the audit programme. Findings raised by the auditor must be resolved for certification to be maintained.

Towards the end of the certification cycle, amtri veritas will perform a reassessment audit.

Download an application form for Management Systems Assessment.

Use of logos

Following the certification of your management system you may promote the certification of your management system using the amtri veritas and UKAS logos or text statements.

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