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Rob Smith about Amtri Veritas training for NPL

Amtri Veritas presents Rob Smith, Head of Engineering at the National Physical Laboratory.

Rob talks about the benefits of partnering with Amtri Veritas as a training provider for the NPL engineers and scientists.

Amtri Veritas team celebrated the company’s 30th birthday last week

Amtri Veritas brought all staff members together visiting the AVRO Museum in Stockport  - located on  the former Woodford Aerodrome, this site saw the production of famous aircraft including the Lancaster, the Vulcan, the Nimrod and the BAe 146 – followed by dining at The Savages in Macclesfield.

Certification services bin lifting equipment

The Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum have released updated guidelines aimed at ensuring the safe operation of bin lifting equipment. The new guidelines cover a range of safety considerations, including equipment inspections by an UK Approved Body to obtain third party certification.

amtri veritas is an accredited UK Approved Body by UKAS for refuse collection vehicles and can provide manufacturers with all mandatory certification services. Please contact if you need our support.

Amtri Veritas for Tools with a Mission

Amtri Veritas has partnered with Tools with a Mission (TWAM), a UK based charity that collects tools, refurbishes them, sorts them into trade tool kits and sends them to the developing world for livelihood creation.

Mike Griffin, Tools with a Mission’s Chief Executive, and James Noble, the Fundraising and Communications Officer, visited Amtri Veritas in January and were warmly welcomed by the whole team. Mike and James told us from first-hand experiences how the work that the charity does, impacts lives. The life stories of people whose lives were transformed were very touching.

Amtri Veritas conducts regular tool collections in the Macclesfield area and raises awareness with clients and within our local community. We look forward to developing this partnership further and working together to create even more livelihoods and transform lives.

Please contact or call 01625 412542 if you would like to support our tools collection for Tools with a Mission.

Luke Tandy talks about Amtri Veritas training

Amtri Veritas presents Luke Tandy, Senior Compliance Engineer, talking about the Amtri Veritas training offering on machinery compliance. We offer a range of knowledge- and skills-based courses and compile curated training programmes for our clients. Luke Tandy explains how we embed our company value of excellence within our clients’ organisations.

Amtri Veritas certifies refuse collection vehicles

Amtri Veritas has been granted the Annex IV scope for certification of refuse collection vehicles under the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. Following an HSE decision to place restrictions on C-type standard EN 1501-5:2021, refuse collection vehicles with lifting devices may no longer be self-certified by manufacturers for placing on the UK market.

Amtri Veritas is now offering type examination to the EHSRs for refuse collection vehicles for the UK market. Contact us for more information.