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Our services

Machinery certification services

From 1 January 2021 manufacturers of machinery that falls within the scope of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 can start to apply the UKCA mark (as well as or in place of the CE mark) to machinery that is placed on the market or put into service in the UK.

Management systems certification

amtri veritas provides management system certification services to clients of all sizes and a wide range of business sectors. We accept both new applicants for certification and transfers from other certification bodies.


amtri veritas offers a range of training courses on compliance with machinery product safety legislation, PUWER and management system standards. We are committed to supporting manufacturers with the knowledge they require to achieve the necessary safety standards in the construction and operation of their machinery.

Technical support

We offer technical support with compliance of your machinery. We can help you apply standards, compile technical files, make risk assessments, complete compliance checks, write instructions and draw up compliance documents.

Technical file contact service

Since the departure of the UK from the EU in January 2021 it has become necessary for any manufacturer not located in the UK who places products on the UK market to appoint a legal entity to be The Person Authorised to Compile the Technical File for products that are placed on the UK market. amtri veritas offers a simple to use service which allows clients to download an application form and send their technical file to be stored by amtri veritas for a 10-year duration. amtri veritas then undertakes to respond to any requests from Market Authorities to access the file.

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