Technical file contact service

Technical file contact service

Technical File Contact Service for Manufacturers outside the UK

Since the departure of the UK from the EU in January 2021 it has become necessary for any manufacturer not located in the UK who places products on the UK market to appoint a legal entity to be The Person Authorised to Compile the Technical File for products that are placed on the UK market. amtri veritas offers a simple to use service which allows clients to download an application form and send their technical file to be stored by amtri veritas for a 10-year duration. amtri veritas then undertakes to respond to any requests from Market Authorities to access the file.

How to access the Technical File Contact Service

Download the application form  Send the completed application form along with full payment and your technical file to amtri veritas. We will acknowledge your application and confirm receipt of the technical file. If approached by the Market Authorities in relation to your file, we will manage the submission as required.

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