Join one of the amtri veritas scheduled courses on compliance for machinery safety, standards and legislation in the Greater Manchester area. Our training programme is specially designed to help you understand and navigate through the regulatory landscape and fulfil your compliance obligations for machinery (CE and UKCA marking).

All courses consist of presentations, worked examples, interactive participation as well as question-and-answer sessions.  If you wish to book a training, please contact [email protected].

Training schedule 2023/2024

Machinery compliance
CE and UKCA – 2 days
AVMC210 to 11 October5 to 6 March£750
Awareness of product
regulations – 3 days
AVCPI324 to 26 October12 to 14 March£1250
Internal auditing skills
to ISO 19011 – 1 day
AVIA17 November19 March£450
Control systems safety
to EN 13849 – 3 days
AVCS314 to 16 November9 to 11 April£1250
Risk assessment skills
to EN 12100 – 1 day
AVRA121 November16 April£450
Electrical compliance of
machinery to EN 60204-1 – 1 day
AVEC122 November17 April£450
Introduction to environmental
product legislation – 1 day
AVENV123 November23 April£450
Technical file compilation
skills – 1 day
AVTF128 November30 April£450
Requirements writing, skills and
methodology – 1 day
AVREQ129 Novembber1 May£450
Product design skills to
ISO 9001 – 1 day
AVDES112 December14 May£450
Skills for authoring of instruction
manuals – 1 day
AVIM15 December11 June£450
Effective technical communication
skills – 1 day
AVTC16 December12 June£450