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EC type-examinations

EC Type-examinations

amtri veritas can perform EC type-examinations of Annex IV machinery to Annex IX of the directive.

The examination requires submital of a representative machine for inspection of the technical file, the machinery and evidence that the manufacturing process ensures compliance with the technical file.

This involves

  • Application
  • Quotation
  • Confirmation that a previous assessment has not been made by another Notified Body
  • Confirmation of examination following application.
  • Full examination of the technical file
  • Full review and assessment of any tests performed to demonstrate compliance (or request for further testing)
  • Full examination of the product
  • Examination report highlighting any non-conformances found
  • Pending successful completion or resolution of the non-conformances, or if none found, Certificate of Conformity
  • Instructions for the maintenance of the certificate and implications for modifications of the certified product.

EC type-examination certificates are valid for 5 years and can be reissued for a new 5 year period. This process will involve confirming if any changes to the machinery, C-type standards or the technical file have taken place.

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