What is a technical workbook and why do I need one?

The technical workbook is designed for users and manufacturers of machinery to assist them to comply with current legislation. They provide the user with adequate guidance and practical help and are cost and time effective aids for hundreds of companies worldwide. These books will assist you to avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of our in-depth understanding and knowledge of machinery.

How are they packaged?

The workbooks are compiled of an A4 ring binder containing technical information. Each workbook comes with a 3.5-inch disk containing the relevant section of text. This allows you reproduce your own sections of the workbook if necessary.

What do they cost?

Technical File Workbook is £95 (+ Value Added Tax)

EN 60204-1 Workbook is £150 (+VAT).

Currently available workbooks:

Technical File Workbook ( for Machinery Providers )

This workbook gives you practical help for compiling a technical file for the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. The workbook interprets the Directive text into simple English and explains what should be done to meet the relevant requirements.

EN 60204-1 Workbook

This book covers the main electrical safety standard for machinery EN60204-1. The workbook, written for machinery providers, includes a loose-leaf copy of the standard and gives explanations of this text written in easy to understand English. It gives guidance on how to meet the requirements of this standard, which relates directly to the Low Voltage Directive.



Training Course schedule for 2017

  Machinery Directive Course Details
  Control Systems - EN 13849 Course Details

Risk Assessment Course Details


ATEX Introduction - 1 day


ATEX In-depth - 2 day


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO ISO 14001:2015 were both published on 15 September 2015. There is a 3 year transition period. The transition requirements have been outlined in a letter sent to all clients. A copy can be downloaded here. For further information about the changes please contact us.

OHS standard ISO 45001

Link to the video interview with Dave Smith, ISO 45001 committee chairman and amtri veritas impartiality board member.


amtri veritas has moved offices.

Our new address is:

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