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Voluntary Examinations

Voluntary Examination

For machine groups listed in Annex IV of the directive, self-declaration of conformance is not possible unless the product complies with a C-type standard in its entirety. For products that do not comply with a C-type standard, an EC type-examination or an FQA assessment carried out by a Notified Body must be made to assure conformance.

However, some companies, due to contractual arrangements or to gain an advantage in a competitive industry request that a third party examination be carried out to satisfy themselves and their customers that their product has met all the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

amtri veritas performs such voluntary examinations with the same rigour as EC type-examinations:

  • Confirmation of examination following application.
  • Full examination of the technical file
  • Full review and assessment of any tests performed to demonstrate compliance (or request for further testing)
  • Full examination of the product
  • Examination report highlighting any non-conformances found
  • Pending successful completion or resolution of the non-conformances, or if none found, Certificate of Conformity
  • Instructions for the maintenance of the certificate and implications for modifications of the certified product.

Contact us if you are interested in a voluntary examination.

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