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Full quality assurance

Full Quality Assurance

amtri veritas can carry out full quality assurance assessments to Annex X of the directive for manufacturers of Annex IV machinery. The assessment requires the examination of your Quality Management System to ensure that it is able to produce machinery that are compliant with the requirements of the directive.

This involves

  • Application
  • Quotation
  • Confirmation that a previous assessment has not been made by another Notified Body.
  • Assessment
  • Assessment report
  • Resolution of any negative findings issued in the report
  • Head Office review and certificate decision making
  • Issue of certificate

Full Quality Assurance certificates are valid for 3 years.
Following the FQA assessment, surveillance visits are carried out during the 3-year period. The frequency depends on the nature and number of machines covered by the certificate. Before the end of the 3-year certification period a reassessment will be carried out and another 3-year certificate will be issued.

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