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ISO 9001

A Quality System is a management tool for controlling a company's business. The style of a Quality System may vary, but the purpose is always the same: keeping your customers happy by preventing problems.

A flexible, well-documented and well-implemented Quality System is at the heart of a successful company.

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What is ISO 9001 and its history?

Quality is all about having happy customers. ISO 9001 is a written standard and is focused on giving businesses the tools to implement and execute a system to ensure that customers are satisfied. It sets guidelines on how to build and use an efficient Quality System, while its purpose is to show the commitment of an organisation towards Quality and to satisfy customers through service excellence.

The fundamental principles and disciplines of ISO 9001 are accepted throughout the world as a sound basis for a Quality System.

The first organisations to introduce quality standards were in the military. They understood the importance of standardising the size of shells to fit weapons from different manufacturers and they needed systems to ensure the shells always worked. This was the beginning of written standards. Initially they were focused on engineering based industries but over time they were simplified and became easier to use and understand.

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Will ISO 9001 help me to produce a good product or deliver a good service?

ISO 9001 will help to give the company the ability to do things that cause improvement, which in the end leads to better product and service quality.

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Does ISO 9001 say how to run my business?

ISO 9001 will not tell you how to run your business but will assist you in running your business more effectively. It is simply an extension of common business practices and therefore contains nothing new or strange.

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Is ISO 9001 hard to do?

It can be, bad systems are hard to use. The key is to build a good and simple system. ISO 9000 is a simple and logical standard that has been written in an organised form. It is the framework that directs many activities including design and production, installation and maintenance. It can be viewed as a business model simplifying the activities in your business. With proper planning, each section can be used easily and cost effectively.

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Advantages of ISO 9001

There are a many advantages that can be gained by using ISO 9001 within a company, for example:

  • lower the costs caused by bad quality
  • simplify marketing by proving commitment to quality
  • plan for easier production
  • prove that you meet your customers needs
  • make your employees feel proud of their work
  • improve your financial situation

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Amtri Veritas ISO 9001 Services

Quality Management Assessments

Accredited certification of your Quality Management System

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Training courses

We run courses to help train your staff to be internal quality auditors. All courses are developed and delivered by quality professionals. Our courses can be delivered either at your premises or our offices. Please contact us for further information.

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Training Course schedule for 2017

  Machinery Directive Course Details
  Control Systems - EN 13849 Course Details

Risk Assessment Course Details


ATEX Introduction - 1 day


ATEX In-depth - 2 day


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO ISO 14001:2015 were both published on 15 September 2015. There is a 3 year transition period. The transition requirements have been outlined in a letter sent to all clients. A copy can be downloaded here. For further information about the changes please contact us.

OHS standard ISO 45001

Link to the video interview with Dave Smith, ISO 45001 committee chairman and amtri veritas impartiality board member.


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