ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System EMS)

Management Systems Certification

amtri veritas is UKAS accredited to certificate to the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards for the respective scopes that it has been granted. Details about our scopes of accreditation are available on request or on the UKAS website. amtri veritas may also on request carry out non-accredited certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and ISO 17100.

The Audit and Certification Process

If your management system is being certificated for the first time, amtri veritas we will carry out an initial audit which comprises of a two part audit, a so-called Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit. The initial audit will confirm if your management system complies with the requirements of the relevant standard and that it has been implemented correctly.
Following a successful initial audit, certification is granted for an initial 3 years period. During this 3 year period, surveillance visits are carried out to confirm ongoing implementation and compliance with the management system standard. Towards the end of the 3 year period a recertification audit will take place and a new 3 year cycle will commence. This process then repeats with ongoing 3 year cycles. A more detailed explanation is described below.

The Application Process

Should you wish amtri veritas to carry out your management system certification, you will need to submit an application for registration. amtri veritas will decide to accept or decline your application. If the application is declined you will be informed in writing. If accepted amtri veritas will develop an audit programme for your full audit cycle. amtri veritas will send you a quotation, and upon acceptance of this, amtri veritas will contact you to arrange the initial two-stage audit. The three year certification cycle begins with the certification decision. In determining the audit time we will consider, among other things: the size, number of sites, scope and complexity of your company and management system; your products, processes, activities, aspects and their associated risks; outsourcing; as well as the demonstrated level of system effectiveness.

The Auditing Process

Initial Certification

Stage 1 audit
The aim of the Stage 1 audit is to ascertain that your management system is ready for Stage 2 auditing by auditing your management system documented information, evaluating your location and site-specific conditions and level of implementation in order to confirm preparedness for the Stage 2 audit.
The lead auditor will visit your premises and carry out a Stage 1 audit of your management system and will provide you with a written report detailing any findings relative to the management system standard.
As part of Stage 1 the lead auditor will confirm the scope of the audit, check that any site specific issues have been included in the management system and the planning for Stage 2, confirm that appropriate regulatory aspects have been covered, check that internal audits and management reviews have taken place satisfactorily, review your understanding regarding the requirements of the standard and that key performance indicators, required processes and objectives have been identified and that the management system is fully operational.
If Stage 1 identifies areas of concern, the lead auditor will determine whether Stage 2 can carry on as planned or if time is needed for you to resolve any findings raised before continuing with Stage 2. The lead auditor will also confirm if Stage 2 can go ahead as originally planned or if resource requirements or timings need to be changed. Once the details for Stage 2 have been confirmed the lead auditor will draw up a detailed visit plan for Stage 2.

Stage 2 audit
Before the Stage 2 visit, you will be provided with information detailing the audit team members that will carry out your audit and a detailed audit plan. The audit team may consist of one or more auditors and possibly a technical expert, under supervision of a lead auditor.
The purpose of stage 2 is to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the management system.
The audit will comprise of:
• An opening meeting to introduce the audit participants, explain the audit process, make certain that all required resources are available, and ascertain that the audit can proceed as planned;
• Audit of relevant business areas and business aspects with the aim of evaluating the management system, including effectiveness of the system. This will cover conformity of all requirements of the standards concerned;
• Review of performance monitoring, measurement and reporting against key objectives and targets (consistent with expectation of the management system standard);
• Review the ability of the management system and performance in meeting key compliance obligations;
• Review operational control of your processes;
• Review of performance of internal auditing and management review;
• Review of management responsibility for your policies;
• Clearance of any findings found at Stage 1 and 2 if applicable;
• Writing up of findings by the audit team;
• A closing meeting to cover the findings of the audit and communication of the lead auditor’s recommendation regarding certification.

At the end of the audit, the lead auditor will compile a report, documenting the findings of the audit and the recommendation for certification.


Once the audit has been completed and you have addressed all findings that have been issued, the audit report is submitted to head office for independent review and evaluation.

The lead auditor’s recommendation is considered by the amtri veritas certification decision maker responsible for taking certification decisions, and if deemed appropriate, the decision maker will confirm the recommendation of the lead auditor. Certification will be granted once resolution of all findings issued has been accepted and all findings have been suitably cleared. Where certification is granted, a certificate will be issued to you covering your scope, the standard, locations included in the certification and showing the expiry date of the certificate. This certificate is usually valid for 3 years, and certification is subject to your company continuing to meet the requirements of the standard(s) and contractual requirements. Ongoing compliance is reviewed by means of surveillance visits and monitoring of other appropriate information.

Surveillance visits

Following certification, surveillance visits are undertaken at planned intervals, as detailed in your audit programme. amtri veritas will contact you to confirm the surveillance visit dates and provide you with a visit plan outlining the details of the surveillance visit. Your first surveillance visit must take place within 12 months from the initial certification date.
The purpose of the surveillance visit is to confirm ongoing compliance, effectiveness and the implementation status of the management system. This will include a review of any changes in your company and management systems, the effectiveness of the management system and achievement of objectives and intended results, internal audits and management review, complaints, progress of planned continual improvement activities, ongoing operational control, clearance of any previous findings and use of certification marks, logos and references to certification.
All findings must be adequately cleared before ongoing certification can be confirmed.


Towards the end of your 3 year certification cycle amtri veritas will carry out a reassessment audit of your management system. The reassessment audit will include at least a Stage 2 audit, and may also include a Stage 1 audit if there have been changes in your activities or management system or poor performance during the previous 3 year period. The recommendation regarding recertification will be processed as per the Certification section above and maintenance of certification will proceed as described above under Surveillance Visits.
On an ongoing basis, amtri veritas will review any changes to your business activities that may affect the certification and your audit programme and will update your programme of audit activities accordingly.

Special Audits - Extra visits

amtri veritas may need to perform extra visits in the case of scope extensions or short-notice audits. You will be informed of these visits in time and will be charged accordingly for audit costs and expenses. Extra visits that are deemed necessary by amtri veritas are a prerequisite to continued certification.

Notification of changes, extensions to scope of certification and short-notice audits

Certified clients must inform amtri veritas without delay of any matters that may affect the capability of the client’s management system to continue to fulfil the requirements of the standard used for certification. These include, for example, changes relating to:

a) the legal, commercial, organizational status or ownership,
b) organization and management (e.g. key managerial, decision-making or technical staff),
c) contact address and sites,
d) scope of operations under the certified management system, and
e) major changes to the management system and processes.

If the changes to your business activities include an extension of the company’s activities or sites that are to be covered by your certification, you are required inform us of the change and request an extension to your scope of certification. We will review your request for extension to scope and plan in any appropriate activities. Based on a review of the changes your ongoing audit programme will be updated to incorporate any required changes.
Should amtri veritas receive any complaints about clients that have been certificated by amtri veritas, we are required to investigate these complaints. A short-notice audit may be required as part of the investigation into any complaint.
Short-notice audits may also be required as part of the follow up process for suspended clients, either to confirm suspension conditions are being followed or as part of the reinstatement process.

Refusal, suspension, withdrawal and restoration of certification

If your company does not comply with the requirements of certification and/or the amtri veritas Terms and Conditions, amtri veritas reserves the right to refuse, suspend or withdraw your certification.
Reasons for refusal, suspension or withdrawal of certification include, but are not limited to, the following:
• if your management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements, including requirements for effectiveness of the management system;
• if audit findings have not been satisfactorily actioned, within the designated time limit;
• if a case of misuse of a certificate is not corrected by suitable retractions or other appropriate remedial measures;
• if there has been any other contravention of the amtri veritas Terms and Conditions;
• if surveillance or reassessment visits do not take place within the prescribed timeframe;
• you voluntarily request a suspension.
During suspension you as the client shall not claim certification for any product, process or service covered by a suspended certificate.
You will be notified in writing of the suspension of a certificate. amtri veritas will indicate under which conditions the suspension will be removed.
At the end of the suspension period, an investigation will be carried out to determine whether the indicated conditions for restoring the certificate have been fulfilled. On fulfillment of these conditions, the suspension shall be lifted and you will be notified of the certificate restoration. If the conditions are not fulfilled the certificate shall be withdrawn.
All costs incurred by amtri veritas in suspending and restoring a certificate will be charged to you as the client.
A certificate may be withdrawn if you take inadequate measures in case of suspension; no longer offer the product, process or service; or if you cease trading.
In any of these cases, amtri veritas has the right to withdraw the certificate by informing you in writing. amtri veritas may publish at its discretion details of all suspended, cancelled or withdrawn certificates without prior notice as it sees fit.
In cases of withdrawal no reimbursement of audit fees shall be given and cancellation of certificate shall be published by amtri veritas.

Reducing or expanding the Scope of Certification

In the instance of a reduction or expansion to your business activities, you must inform amtri veritas of the changes and we will adapt your scope of certification to reflect these changes.
Where a client persistently or seriously fails to meet the certification requirements for parts of the scope of certification these parts will be excluded from the certification and the scope of certification will be reduced. Any such reduction shall be in line with the requirements of the standard used for certification.

Cancellation of Certification

If you wish to cancel your registration with amtri veritas, you must advise amtri veritas in writing that you do not wish to renew the certificate or wish to cancel a current registration. You must state the date by which you want to cancel your registration, which must be a date in the future. All fees payable according to the surveillance visit plan for a period of six months after the cancellation date will remain payable to amtri veritas. No reimbursement of audit fees shall be given and cancellation of the certificate shall be published by amtri veritas. Upon cancellation of your registration, you as the client shall not claim certification for any product, process or service covered by the cancelled certificate.





Training Course schedule for 2017

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  Control Systems - EN 13849 Course Details

Risk Assessment Course Details


ATEX Introduction - 1 day


ATEX In-depth - 2 day


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO ISO 14001:2015 were both published on 15 September 2015. There is a 3 year transition period. The transition requirements have been outlined in a letter sent to all clients. A copy can be downloaded here. For further information about the changes please contact us.

OHS standard ISO 45001

Link to the video interview with Dave Smith, ISO 45001 committee chairman and amtri veritas impartiality board member.


amtri veritas has moved offices.

Our new address is:

Veritas House
Pierce Street
SK11 6ER

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