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In today's modern world of business, the way in which an organisation or its activities affect the environment around it has become a fundamental area of concern throughout the world. More and more companies are being critically examined (and some even ridiculed) for causing harmful effects to the people and the world around which their business operates.

ISO 14001 is more than just a management tool used to avoid a bad reputation. It is a simple and flexible, Environmental Management System (EMS) that adds value to all components of businesses today.

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What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a standard, which details how to create and impliment an effective Environmental management system. It is required that a company's Environmental management system reflects and supports its Environmental policy, objectives and ambitions. It does not replace regulations, legislation and codes of practice that the organisation has to comply with, but provides a system for observing, controlling and improving overall performance.

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Why should you use ISO 14001?

You should consider it if:

  • your customers or competitors require it
  • it fits in with the overall profile the company wishes to achieve
  • it increases employee involvement within the managing of the business
  • you need to improve relationships with enforcing bodies or your neighbours

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The benefits of using ISO 14001 may include:

  • being sure your company complies with relevant legislation
  • promoting a “green” or environmental friendly image
  • creating more profit from increased efficiency of using materials and energy
  • increasing your ability to adapt to changing circumstances

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Bridging from ISO 9000 to ISO 14001.

Both IS0 9001 and ISO 14001 are meant to help you. ISO 9001 focuses more on the meeting of customer needs, whilst ISO 14001 focuses on this and more: 'customer needs' has expanded to include legal and other environmental requirements, but ISO 14001 does not replace ISO 9001.

A company with ISO 9001 approval has a sound basis for introducing ISO 14001. Taking an ISO 9001 system and adding ISO 14001 is known as "bridging"


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Differences between ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

There are some definite differences between the two standards. ISO 14001 has clearer statements about communication, competence and economics than are currently found in ISO 9000 and incorporates the setting of environmental objectives, targets and programmes.

More information regarding the differences between the two standards may be found in the annexes of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The new Annex SL management system structure aligns the structure of all management systems. ISO 9001 and ISo 14001 will use this structure when republished in 2015.


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How Amtri Veritas can assist

Amtri Veritas has a customer-focused scheme for certifying Environmental Management Systems and is designed to assist companies in achieving their objectives. By complying with a recognised environment standard an organisation will be able to provide their customers with a guarantee of consistency of service, as well as improve their position in the marketplace. It will also increase a company's operational effectiveness by identifying and strengthening ‘weak' areas.

On starting certification you will be assigned a team of highly qualified audit staff to work through the process with you. This ensures that you receive continuity in support and communication.

Once you are approved by Amtri Veritas, you will be entitled to use the combined Amtri Veritas/UKAS management system logos on your company stationary and literature.

You will also be guaranteed supplementary services to assist and support you in maintaining and improving your system.


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Amtri Veritas ISO 14001 Services

Environmental management assessments

Accredited certification of your Environmental Management System


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Training courses

We run courses to help train your staff to be internal environmental auditors. All courses are developed and delivered by environmental professionals and are custom made to suite your needs. Our courses are delivered either at your premises or ours.

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Training Course schedule for 2017

  Machinery Directive Course Details
  Control Systems - EN 13849 Course Details

Risk Assessment Course Details


ATEX Introduction - 1 day


ATEX In-depth - 2 day


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO ISO 14001:2015 were both published on 15 September 2015. There is a 3 year transition period. The transition requirements have been outlined in a letter sent to all clients. A copy can be downloaded here. For further information about the changes please contact us.

OHS standard ISO 45001

Link to the video interview with Dave Smith, ISO 45001 committee chairman and amtri veritas impartiality board member.


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