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Complaints and appeals


amtri veritas takes complaints against its clients, representatives or itself seriously. If you want to raise a complaint, please do so in writing to the Managing Director of amtri veritas. All complaints are logged, investigated and monitored. It is our intention to deal with problems promptly and appropriately. We will keep you informed of the progress and status of your complaint. The final result of your complaint will be communicated in writing.


If a dispute were to arise concerning certification that has not been resolved either through your auditor, your amtri veritas contact or amtri veritas management, you can appeal to the Managing Director of amtri veritas. Either write or contact us through this website. When amtri veritas receives an appeal, an independent appeals team will be appointed that is independent of the appeals subject. The appeals team will convene a meeting which will review evidence from both sides. The team will make a judgement which will be sent in writing to the appellant.

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