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doug florence thumbnail

December 2019
Doug Florence
Impartiality Board Member on impartiality and compliance

roland taylor thumbnail

November 2019
Roland Taylor
Senior Compliance Engineer & Trainer

neale bennett august. thumbnailjpg

October 2019
Neale Bennett
Engineering Manager of
NSG Environmental Ltd
 on Legislative challenges

david smith september video

September 2019
David Smith
 Impartiality Board Chair on impartiality

phil rudd august

August 2019
Phil Rudd
 New Products Manager & Mike Sykes Automation Manager of Yamazaki Mazak on maintaining compliance

meeta tallow thumbnail july

July 2019
Meeta Tallow
 Marketing and Sales Manager on customer communication.

sheila ryan

June 2019
Sheila Ryan
of SR Mindfulness on the benefits
of mindfulness in the workplace

AV bob smallwood new

May 2019
Bob Smallwood
Retired Senior Compliance Engineer on his experience in aerospace

michele thumbnail

April 2019
Michele Dematteis, Managing Director & Colin Brown, Quality Manager of Joloda (International) Ltd. on ISO9001:2015

eline thumbnail

March 2019
Eline Beun
Managing Director at amtri veritas
on 25 years amtri veritas

craig turnbull feb

February 2019
Craig Turnbull
Director at Electroimpact UK Ltd
Talks about compliance with state-of-the-art machinery

paul clay jan

January 2019
Paul Clay
Senior Compliance Engineer
Talks about machinery compliance

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