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Purpose of the CE Mark

The main purpose of CE Marking is to provide a common set of requirements for products to facilitate the supply of products throughout the European Union, as well as giving the product a stamp of compliance.

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Legal aspects

There is a legal duty on machinery and most equipment manufacturers or suppliers to CE mark their equipment before it is put in to use. This includes companies building machinery for their own use inside Europe . The CE mark signifies that the machinery complies with all relevant European Directives as required by the EU, as well as Iceland , Liechtenstein and Norway .

In order to comply with this legislation, it is required that machinery meets the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR's) contained in the Machinery directive.

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Who can do it?

Most machines can be CE marked by the manufacturer, which is called a self-certification. In order to comply with the relevant directives, a technical file of specified data must be provided to substantiate the certification. Many clients seek help in the preparation of this file, and with deciding if adequate safety measures have been taken on their machinery.

In addition, machinery listed in Annex IV of the Machinery directive requires the involvement of a notified body in the certification process.

As a Notified Body, Amtri Veritas is qualified to examine machinery and technical files and issue third party certification, which ensures that the manufacturers' claims can be substantiated.

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What type of CE Marking do you need:

Design and review

The best time to review regulatory compliance is at the design stage, because many issues can be resolved before the product is build saving a lot of time and effort sorting problems out later.

Control Systems

Control systems on machinery are becoming more and more complex and involving more electronic devices. This can raise many safety issues that need to be resolved before a product goes into production.

Noise Testing

Amtri engineers have many years of experience in noise testing which is a requirement of all machinery. Some hand held or hand guided machinery also requires vibration testing.

Electrical Safety (EN60204)

The normal method to demonstrate electrical safety of machinery is to comply with EN 60204. We can check machinery for compliance and carry out on site testing of safety aspects.

Machinery examinations

Our highly specialised staff will examine and certificate all types of new or modified machinery and can issue either Voluntary examination certificates or EC type examination certificates depending on your machinery specifications.

Other Machinery assessments

All machinery in use in the EU needs to comply with relevant legislation such as PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations). Our engineers will perform assessments on your machinery to assist you in identifying any problems with your machinery, ensuring that it is compliant to the necessary legislation.

Machinery safety technical support

Do you know all of the above, but just need a little help getting your documentation in order. Our skilled staff have the patience and experience to assist you with even the smallest query.

Click on the links below to see our full range of training courses and technical workbooks, custom designed to meet each and every business need.

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Training courses

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Technical Workbooks

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Training Course schedule for 2017

  Machinery Directive Course Details
  Control Systems - EN 13849 Course Details

Risk Assessment Course Details


ATEX Introduction - 1 day


ATEX In-depth - 2 day


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO ISO 14001:2015 were both published on 15 September 2015. There is a 3 year transition period. The transition requirements have been outlined in a letter sent to all clients. A copy can be downloaded here. For further information about the changes please contact us.

OHS standard ISO 45001

Link to the video interview with Dave Smith, ISO 45001 committee chairman and amtri veritas impartiality board member.


amtri veritas has moved offices.

Our new address is:

Veritas House
Pierce Street
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